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With its 4 directional stretch nylon and non irritating adhesive, your patients may find Dynamic Tape to be the most comfortable, yet effective athletic tape they have encountered.

Dynamic Tape acts like a spring and can enhance the kinetic chain by strongly decelerating or assisting motion in order to improve movement patterns. The aim is to help to remove the load on overworked or injured tissues (strained muscles or tenons or sprained ligaments, for example) After the structure is healed, Dynamic Tape can assist by reducing pain as well as the risk of re-injury.

Although this tape appears superficially similar to standard kinesiology tape, there are some important differences. Dynamic Tape consists of a combination of Lycra and Nylon, but kinesiology tape consists of 100% high quality cotton. The nylon has a 4 way stretch capability, whereas kinesiology tape stretches only longitudinally.

In addition to the difference in the directionality of the stretch, Dynamic Tape can stretch to over 200% of its original length, whereas traditional kinesiology tape can stretch to between 140% and 180% of its original length. The recoil properties are also different. Kinesiology tape has much more gentle recoil properties in order to lift the skin as a fundamental part of its function.

Like kinesiology tape, it uses a non irritating, no toxic adhesive and is highly breathable. Although it will allow water through to the skin, you can pat it dry in just a few seconds. The net result of these features is an ultra comfortable athletic tape that will provide maximum support to joints and muscles wherever your patients need it.

Dynamic Tape is not latex free. However, we suggest that you check with your medical advisor(s) prior to application to understand whether its use can cause any adverse medical reactions.

Available in 2 sizes – 5cm x 5M and 7.5cm x 5M. Both with the black tattoo roll pattern.


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