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The bunion aligner kit consists of a combination of an ultra thin daytime bunion aligner (shown on the left in the main image), a walkable night splint, a toe exerciser and a silicone gel toe separator. It is used for patients in either Stage 1 or 2 of a bunion condition or in the post operative stages of bunion treatment. 8 hour, 12 hour and 24 hour kits are offered.

Each component of the bunion aligner kit is designed for use at different times of the day depending on the patient’s activity level and the severity of the condition. As he or she improves from surgery, the bunion exerciser kit comes in valuable as an aid in regaining normal use of the affected toes. It allows the rehabilitation exercises to be performed conveniently at home.

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The bunion aligner kit includes various combinations of an ultra thin daytime bunion aligner, a walkable night splint, a silicone gel toe separator and a bunion toe exerciser. The available combinations are:

  1. Ultra Thin Bunion Aligner (8 Hour Kit);
  2. Ultra Thin Bunion Aligner and the Gel Toe Separator (12 Hour Kit); and
  3. Ultra Thin Bunion Aligner, Gel Toe Separator, Night Time Splint and Toe Exerciser (24 Hour Kit)

The daytime bunion aligner helps keep the big toe comfortably aligned during the daytime. It will fit comfortably in most shoes due to its ultra thin low profile. Unlike the night time splint, the daytime aligner is sized. Sizes available are X Small, Small, Medium, Large and X Large. There are different aligners for left and right toes as well as a bilateral version. When buying the kit, references to size (e.g. Large, Small, etc. ) or Left/Right refer to the specifications of the daytime bunion aligner included with the kit.

The night time rigid splint is designed to be worn without shoes or in loose fitting footwear (such as might be worn around the home). It is a one size fits most design and can be used on either the right or left foot. Despite its rigid construction, the patient will be able to walk while wearing this splint. It is equipped with a hinge to facilitate toe flexion and extension. The inner side of the splint is lined with a soft cushioning for wearing comfort.

Third, the silicone gel toe separators (also a one size fits most design) can be used while at home during the evening or while wearing sandals. The patient can also wear them together with the daytime aligner.

Finally, the bunion toe exerciser can be used to perform exercises to relieve the pain and discomfort of the bunion condition.

The  kit is for use by patients in Stage 1, Stage 2 or the post operative stages of their bunion treatment.

With the bunion aligner kit, you will receive detailed instructions on the use of each of the above components.


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Measure the length of the foot.

Measure the length of the foot.


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