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  • Bunnion Aligner Kit
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    Bunion Aligner Kit


    The bunion aligner kit consists of a combination of an ultra thin daytime bunion aligner (shown on the left in the main image), a walkable night splint, a toe exerciser and a silicone gel toe separator. It is used for patients in either Stage 1 or 2 of a bunion condition or in the post operative stages of bunion treatment. 8 hour, 12 hour and 24 hour kits are offered.

    Each component of the bunion aligner kit is designed for use at different times of the day depending on the patient’s activity level and the severity of the condition. As he or she improves from surgery, the bunion exerciser kit comes in valuable as an aid in regaining normal use of the affected toes. It allows the rehabilitation exercises to be performed conveniently at home.

  • InfraCare Cold Feet Socks
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    Cold Feet Socks


    InfraCare’s Cold feet Socks warm the feet while keeping perspiration away. Useful for treatment of conditions like Raynauds and Chilblains. Patients with diabetic neuropathy will not have to worry about harm to their feet from extreme cold. Also useful as a form of winter wear for healthy individuals.

  • InfraCare Cold Hands Gloves
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    Cold Hands Gloves


    InfraCare Cold Hands Gloves warm up the hands without causing sweat build up.