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  • Mueller Sports Medicine Arch Support
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    Arch Support


    Oppo’s Arch support provides targeted compression to relieve plantar fasciitis pain. Equipped with an adjustable strap for a customized fit. One Size.

  • Oppo Medical Ball Of Foot Gel Pads

    Ball Of Foot Gel Pads


    Oppo Medical Ball Of Foot Gel Pads support and help redistribute pressure on forefoot area and may be used to treat metatarsalgia.

  • Darco Body Armor Night Splint
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    Body Armor Night Splint


    The Darco Body Armor Night Splint is the only night splint that actively engages the windlass mechanism of the foot, resulting in a specific and sustained stretch to the plantar fascia, and a sustained low load stretch to the flexor tendons, Achilles tendon and calf muscles. The traction strap allows for minimal ambulation.

  • Bunnion Aligner Kit
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    Bunion Aligner Kit


    The bunion aligner kit consists of a combination of an ultra thin daytime bunion aligner (shown on the left in the main image), a walkable night splint, a toe exerciser and a silicone gel toe separator. It is used for patients in either Stage 1 or 2 of a bunion condition or in the post operative stages of bunion treatment. 8 hour, 12 hour and 24 hour kits are offered.

    Each component of the bunion aligner kit is designed for use at different times of the day depending on the patient’s activity level and the severity of the condition. As he or she improves from surgery, the bunion exerciser kit comes in valuable as an aid in regaining normal use of the affected toes. It allows the rehabilitation exercises to be performed conveniently at home.

  • Bio Skin Calibrated Midfoot Compression Wrap
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    Calibrated Midfoot Compression Wrap


    The Bio Skin Calibrated Midfoot Compression Wrap provides an attachment point for the Hallux Control Strap or Weil Osteotomy Strap without covering the ankle. The calibration lines may be used to measure changes in swelling of the foot.

    Provides an attachment point for the Weil Digit Strapping System without covering the ankle.

  • InfraCare Cold Feet Socks
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    Cold Feet Socks


    InfraCare’s Cold feet Socks warm the feet while keeping perspiration away. Useful for treatment of conditions like Raynauds and Chilblains. Patients with diabetic neuropathy will not have to worry about harm to their feet from extreme cold. Also useful as a form of winter wear for healthy individuals.

  • Darco DCS Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve
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    DCS Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve


    Darco DCS Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve – a continuous wave of compression provides support to the plantar fascia.

  • Synergy Diabetic Shoes

    Diabetic Shoes


    Synergy diabetic shoes will help to improve blood circulation through the feet and thus help patients manage diabetes symptoms.

  • ON SALE!
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    Diabetic Socks


    Synergy Diabetic Socks are non elasticized to avoid excessive lower leg compression. They will minimize interference with blood circulation to reduce the risk of diabetic ulcers and related problems. Available in both ankle and crew styles and in black and white colours.

  • Oppo Medical Foam Ball Of Foot Pads

    Foam Ball Of Foot Pads


    Cushioned ball of foot pads to ease pressure and reduce metatarsalgic pain. One Size. One Pair per pack.

  • Oppo Medical Foam Protective Pads

    Foam Protective Pads


    Oppo Medical Foam Protective Pads are made with high quality gel to help them conform to the shape of your foot for maximum comfort. Along with the comfort they will ease the pain and irritation, you are experiencing from calluses, corns and sensitive skin on your feet.

  • Oppo Medical Foam Strips

    Foam Strips


    Oppo Medical Foam Strips are designed to prevent red marks and painful blisters caused by wearing footwear with straps that go between your toes.