Elite Compression Socks / Pair

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McDavid Elite Compression Socks offer a host of cutting edge features including graduated compression, a built in ankle stabilizer, a 3D knit design and much more.

McDavid Elite Compression Socks provide targeted compression to improve blood flow to the feet and calves, resulting in fresh legs after long periods of standing, walking or running.

These socks also offer graduated compression that helps the blood return to the heart after reaching the lower extremities. Compression is 18-21 mmHg at ankle level and 12.6-14.7 mmHg at the top of the sock.

McDavid Elite Compression Socks – Other Important Features

  • An anatomical 3D knit design at the toes and heels for added comfort and protection;
  • Specially designed yarn  that provides higher energy levels, wearing comfort, sweat absorption, blood circulation and anti microbial protection;
  • Built in ankle stabilizer for additional support and greater protection from injury ;
  • Traction oriented footbed incorporating hDc Moisture Management technology to wick the seat away and keep the user cool and comfortable;
  • Swiss-made
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