Protective Face Shield

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A protective face shield is a device worn to protect the eyes, nose and mouth from invasion of foreign, potentially harmful, matter.  Protective face shields are in high demand in Canada presently as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These shields offer a number of advantages over other similar types of PPE.

First, they are reusable, whereas masks and respirators can generally only be reused a limited number of times. To clear or clean your face shield, just rinse it in a mixture of water and a mild dishwashing detergent. Then rinse it in fresh water and use a clean soft cloth or sponge to clean the shield.  For especially good results, wipe your protective face shield dry  with a microfiber cloth.

Second,  protective face shields do not press against the user’s face in the way that N95 or medical masks do. This is a particularly important consideration for claustrophobic users. For the same reason, shields will not interfere with make-up.

Third, they offer unlimited 360 degree vision. There is none of the fogging that spectacle wearers have to contend with when wearing a medical mask or N95 respirator. The shields usually come with anti fogging and anti shatter properties for extra safety and convenience.

Finally, these shields do not interfere with your speech. You will continue to be clearly audible to co workers and others in your vicinity. This can have important safety implications in some situations.

For these reasons, protective face shield sales in Canada have grown steadily as awareness of these advantages has spread.

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