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  • DynaPro Disposable Face Mask

    ASTM Level 2 Disposable Masks – 50/Box


    The DynaPro Disposable Face Mask is a medical face mask with  ASTM Level 2 filtration levels, low ventilation resistance for minimal interference with breathing and high levels of microbial cleanliness. They will protect individuals who are in the vicinity of the wearer from respiratory droplets he or she may emit while coughing, sneezing or even speaking. They are sold in sets of 50 masks.

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  • DynaPro Face Shield

    Face Shield – Eye, Nose & Mouth Protection


    The DynaPro Face Shield provides full facial protection from large respiratory droplets emitted by others while maintaining perfect frontal and peripheral vision.

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  • Germosolve 5 Natural

    Germosolve 5 Disinfectant & Cleaner


    Germosolve 5 can help you decontaminate surfaces in your clinic, office, school or other workplace that could otherwise pose a risk to the health of your patients, employees, students or others.

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  • Germs Be Gone Hand Sanitizerv2

    Germs Be Gone! Hand Sanitizer Gel


    Hand sanitizer gel containing 65% ethyl alcohol.  Ideal for reducing bacteria on hands.

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  • IRT1603 Digital InfraRed Thermometer

    InfraRed Thermometer PG-IRT1603

    US$41.95 US$20.98

    Our InfraRed Thermometer PG-IRT1603 is packed with attractive features that will help you keep your office safe. Works in both forehead and ear temperature measurement modes and licensed by Health Canada.

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  • DynaPro KN95 Respirator

    KN95 Respirator with HeadStraps – 20/Box


    The DynaPro KN95 Respirator is a 5 laminate design that uses dual non woven and melt blown layers as well as a single hot air cotton layer. It is equipped with headstraps for a more secure and versatile harnessing mechanism and boasts filtration rates around 99% – well above the 95% level required for respirators of this class. Sold in a set of 20.

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  • McCordick N95 Masks

    N95 Respirator – 20/box


    The McCordick N95 mask is approved by the US NIOSH and protects the nose/mouth from non oily particulate matter. Since it is certified by the US NIOSH as meeting all requirements applicable to standard N95 respirators, it also provides protection from viral and bacterial pathogens.

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  • Almedic N95 Respirator

    N95 Respirator – Box of 20


    The Almedic N95 masks are comfortable to wear and allow you to continue breathing normally  without exposing your lungs to irritants or dangerous elements. The N95 provides a 95% filter efficiency level against particulate aerosols.  Ideal for use in an environment that has pollutants.  May also be used in the Healthcare field, but it is recommended the N95 be discarded after each use.

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  • Alliance Nitrile Examination Gloves

    Nitrile Examination Gloves


    Similar to the Wayne Safety Tuff  Nitrile Exam gloves, these gloves are powder free and are available in sizes small – x large.  Sold in boxes of 100.

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  • Naturamed Powder Free Vinyl Examination Gloves

    Powder Free Vinyl Examination Gloves


    Naturamed Powder Free Vinyl Examination Gloves come 200 per box and are single use, latex free, non sterile and ambidextrous.

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  • EcoLab Quik-Care Hand Sanitizer

    Quik-Care Hand Sanitizer


    Made by EcoLab, this hand sanitizer is a gel based waterless hand sanitizer containing 70% ethyl alochol.


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  • XPressClean Hand Sanitizer

    XPressClean Hand Sanitizer w/70% Isopropyl Alcohol


    With a 70% isopropyl alcohol concentration, DynaPro XPressClean Hand Sanitizer is a great accessory for keeping the hands clean when soap and water are not conveniently accessible.

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