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Almedic N95 Respirator

Almedic N95 Respirator


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The Almedic N95 Respirator is a cone shaped mask made from soft comfortable material. It comes equipped with two adjustable elastic straps and a flexible nose piece for a secure and safe fit.  The N95 provides a 95% filter efficiency level against particulate aerosols free of oil, subject to time restrictions. These masks are useful for those working on home improvement or building restoration projects and who desire protection from smoke, dust, dangerous fumes or other pollutants. The masks are comfortable to wear and allow you to continue breathing normally  without exposing your lungs to irritants or dangerous elements.

The respirators come in a box of 20.

Health Canada MDALL Class 2 Licensed – Device Identifier 50-5400.

Almedic N95 Respirator - Instructions

- Hold the respirator firmly against your face, over your nose and mouth;
- Stretch the lower elastic strap over your head first. positioning it behind your head and below your ears;
- Stretch the top elastic strap over your head, positioning it above your ear;
- Gently press the Almedic N95 Respirator against your face, positioning it to fit snugly around your nose and mouth;
- If the respirator becomes damaged, or a proper fit cannot be maintained, change the respirator immediately.
- Not for use in atmospheres containing less than 20% oxygen
- Not for use in atmospheres immediately dangerous to life or health
- Do not exceed maximum use concentration established by regulatory standards
- Failure to properly use and maintain this product could result in injury or death

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