Suggested N95 Mask Products

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  • 1860 N95 Respirator

    1860 N95 Respirator – 20/box

    Pack of 20 3M 1860 health care particulate respirators. Fully compliant with NIOSH requirements for N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators and is also fluid resistant. For sale to healthcare professionals only.

  • McCordick N95 Masks

    N95 Respirator – 20/box


    The McCordick N95 mask is approved by the US NIOSH and protects the nose/mouth from non oily particulate matter. Since it is certified by the US NIOSH as meeting all requirements applicable to standard N95 respirators, it also provides protection from viral and bacterial pathogens.

  • Almedic N95 Respirator

    N95 Respirator – Box of 20


    The Almedic N95 masks are comfortable to wear and allow you to continue breathing normally  without exposing your lungs to irritants or dangerous elements. The N95 provides a 95% filter efficiency level against particulate aerosols.  Ideal for use in an environment that has pollutants.  May also be used in the Healthcare field, but it is recommended the N95 be discarded after each use.