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The McDavid Thumb Stabilizer uses latex free, breathable, laminated foam and an adjustable wrist strap to deliver customizable thumb support and comfort.

The McDavid Thumb Stabilizer helps to immobilize the thumb joint to help recovery from thumb injuries like Gamekeepers’ Thumb or de Quervains. It is constructed from latex free, breathable, laminated foam to deliver therapeutic compression. The latex free composition of the foam is a significant benefit for patients with a history of such allergies. In addition, compression promotes improved blood flow, which in turn advances pain relief and faster healing.

To help the wear to customize fit and the degree of support, the McDavid thumb Stabilizer includes an adjustable wrist strap. The patient can tighten this strap when additional thumb support is temporarily required. At other times, the patient can loosen the strap to improve wearing comfort, albeit at the cost of a reduction in support.

Additional support comes from semi rigid internal stays.

This thumb stabilizer comes in sizes SM/MD and LG/XL. Please consult the size chart to determine the size that is right for your patient. This is important to getting the best results from using this or any other brace. It fits both right and left hands.

For an exposition of the risks and benefits of wearing a wrist brace like this one, please read this post. For additional information about wrist injuries and how wrist braces work to treat them, please read this post.

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