Low Powder Exercise Band

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This economically priced latex exercise band offers the same versatility and resistance, in terms of quality, as the more expensive brands.  Available in xx-light resistance to xxx-heavy resistance levels.


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Color Coded Low powder exercise bands from Val-u-Band® . The perfect  choice for your resistance workout, whether at home, at work or even on vacation.

Although this is an economically priced latex exercise band, it has the same great quality that we have come to expect from  CanDo® latex exercise bands.

Resistance levels give you a wide range of workout options. They range (going from least to greatest resistance level) as follows:

  • Pear (0);
  • Peach (1);
  • Orange (2);
  • Lime (3);
  • Blueberry (4);
  • Plum (5);
  • Mushroom (6);
  • Pineapple (7).

These colors are easily distinguishable from each other, so you can easily pick the correct resistance level for your workout.


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