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  • Theraband Active Recovery Workout Kit latex free

    Active Recovery Kit

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    The latex free Theraband Active Recovery Workout Kit is ideal for upper and lower body exercise for strengthening muscles, increasing your range of motion and improving your flexibility.

  • Resistance Bands

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    Theraband resistance bands are portable enough to easily fit in a suitcase. So you can take them with you (whether you travel by car or plane) on business or vacation trips. Now you will have no excuse for missing a workout!

    • Available both with and without latex and in lengths of either 6 or 50 yards;
    • You can cut the 50 yd lengths into shorter pieces for specific exercises you have in mind;
    • Color coded resistance levels mean there is no risk of misidentifying the correct band for each exercise (reducing the risk of accidental injury)
  • Theraband Tubing

    Resistance Tubing

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    Theraband Resistance Tubing is an excellent accessory for toning and strengthening both upper and lower body muscles and reversing muscle atrophy after an injury.

    • Will also help increase range of motion and improve overall conditioning and flexibility;
    • Simple to use and extremely portable. Easily fits into a suitcase or large briefcase;
    • Versatile enough for use at home, at work, in the clinic or at the gym;
    • Color coded tubing that makes it easy to identify the resistance level needed without the risk of choosing the wrong level;
    • Color coding also helps you track your progress as your strength and overall fitness improve.