Dispens-a-Band Exercise Band Rack

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This Dispens-a-Band® exercise band rack holds five 100-yard Perf 100™ dispenser boxes or any 50 yard dispenser boxes.

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The Dispens-a-Band® exercise band rack is a wooden rack designed to accommodate either five 100-yard Perf 100™ dispenser boxes or any combination of 50-yard dispenser boxes.

This rack provides a convenient storage and dispensing solution for exercise band rolls that come packaged in dispenser boxes.

Included with the rack package are five 50-yard rolls of CanDo® low powder exercise band, offering versatility and practicality.

Each roll comes in a different color: yellow, red, green, blue, and black, catering to a range of resistance levels and exercise needs.

With its sturdy wooden construction and thoughtful design, the Dispens-a-Band® exercise band rack offers easy access to exercise bands while keeping them organized and readily available.

Ideal for clinics, fitness centers, or rehabilitation facilities, this rack streamlines the process of accessing and dispensing exercise bands for therapeutic or fitness purposes.


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