Resistance Bands

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Theraband resistance bands are portable enough to easily fit in a suitcase. So you can take them with you (whether you travel by car or plane) on business or vacation trips. Now you will have no excuse for missing a workout!

  • Available both with and without latex and in lengths of either 6 or 50 yards;
  • You can cut the 50 yd lengths into shorter pieces for specific exercises you have in mind;
  • Color coded resistance levels mean there is no risk of misidentifying the correct band for each exercise (reducing the risk of accidental injury)

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Theraband resistance bands are state of the art tools for exercising at any place or time convenient to you. You can choose to work out at home in your basement or living room, in your office, at the park or even (of course) at the gym or playing field.

In addition to their portability, there is no limit to the types of exercises you can perform with these bands – assisted pull ups, power lifting, Pilates core exercises, stretching, toning, full body.. the list is endless.

They can easily replace a whole room of dumbbells and barbells and save you a bunch od space in your home.

The  latex bands are made from natural latex rubber and so are highly durable and will provide extremely consistent resistance levels over time.

Theraband resistance bands come in color coded resistance levels, so you can easily and quickly identify the resistance level of your chosen band.

Each resistance level is based on the amount by which a length of the given band can be stretched by a particular force. Please see the product gallery image for more information:


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