Knee Brace For BasketBall

How To Choose A Knee Brace for Basketball

Knee injuries like sprains, tears and tendonitis account for at least 13 percent of basketball injuries. This incidence of knee injuries implies that orthopedic supports are critical to keeping good health and recovering from injuries. In this informative article, we explain how to choose the best knee brace for basketball players based on the kind and seriousness of the injuries. These knee braces offer the stability, support, prevention and treatment that basketball players need. At the same time, they will relieve the sometimes debilitating pain that so many lovers of basketball experience on a daily basis.

Knee Strap

The optimal choice for players suffering from injuries like a sore knee or patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee). They may also be an effective treatment alternative for some cases of acute knee pain. Knee straps are intended to apply effective but bearable pressure on the knee to decrease inflammation and relieve pain. The least bulky of the options available, knee straps will easily fit under clothing. They represent the most convenient choice for players seeking relief from a knee injury, at the cost of not having the same effectiveness as the options presented below. They are also the most economical of the alternatives we will discuss here.

Knee Sleeve

These would be the optimal choice for payers with mild to moderate chronic knee pain.They can also promote recovery when you are not on the court. The sleeve is quite discreet and readily fits under clothes.

Hinged Knee Brace

A hinged brace would be the ideal choice for basketball players needing cutting edge protection and stability after ligament reconstruction. They’re also an excellent alternative for anyone seeking to stop ACL, MCL or PCL injuries. A hinged knee brace provides the best protection for the athlete’s knee. It uses four points of targeted stability to the critical structures of the knee. Its drawback is its greater bulkiness compared to other knee braces owing to its greater complexity. Nevertheless, it is a great choice to assist players when returning to activity after completion of the recovery stage.

Wraparound Knee Brace

A wraparound knee brace is the optimal selection of knee brace for basketball players since it’s straightforward and easy to wear and remove. Additionally, it lets you personalize the fit for supreme relaxation and knee protection. Players may wear wraparound bracing during matches. They can then concentrate on their performance without the discomfort and bulk of a hinged knee brace.

The very best way to maintain a knee brace in top condition would be to wash it regularly and scrutinize it after each use for wear and tear. The individual should avoid exposing the knee brace to extreme cold or hot temperatures. Furthermore, in the case of a hinged knee brace, they should frequently apply lubricant to its hinges to avoid squeaking.

For a more in depth examination of how to gain the most benefit from the use of a knee brace, please consult our post on knee brace questions and answers.

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