True Ice Therapy Ankle Wrap

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The McDavid True Ice Therapy Ankle Wrap combines the benefits of compression and cold therapy to produce a more effective treatment of both acute and overuse ankle injuries.

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The McDavid True Ice Therapy Ankle Wrap combines the benefits of ice and compression therapy for additional therapeutic effectiveness. Compression and cold therapy are two elements of the standard R.I.C.E. approach for treating acute injuries. By applying these therapies simultaneously, the True Ice Therapy Wrap will accelerate the healing on ankle sprains, strains and other injuries that cause pain and swelling in that area. Cold therapy is effective in the early treatment of acute ankle injuries. The wrap will also be effective in treating overuse ankle injuries.

The McDavid True Ice Therapy Ankle Wrap uses two True Ice reservoirs to capitalize on the advantage of the genuine cooling effect of real ice. The use of dual reservoirs ensures that the wrap completely surrounds the patient’s ankle for maximum effectiveness. The anatomical design of the wrap helps  to concentrate compression and cold therapy on the injured area for maximum therapeutic effectiveness. Its adjustable straps allow the patient to customize the fit and compression to suit his or her specific needs.

The True Ice Therapy Ankle Wrap is also easy to apply and remove. The patient requires no expertise to do this.

Additional information on how cold therapy an be employed to treat injuries can be found here.

One Size Fits Most. Fits left or right.

One Size Fits Most


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