LumbAir Plus

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The InnoTech LumbAir Plus back rest features adjustable comfort settings, is portable and can be used to relieve either neck or back pain. Take it with you on vacation or business trips. Covered by health insurance plans and Made in Canada.

SKU: INN-330116

The InnoTech LumbAir Plus back rest has adjustable comfort, is portable and can be used on the neck or back. It is the perfect solution if you are interested in proactively taking care of your back and warding off lower back pain in your later years.

The rest works great in bucket seats, airplanes and smaller seats as well.

It comes with an attached rubber bulb that you squeeze for firmer support, and a push button valve that you can use for softer support. So this back rest is fully customizable to your individual needs.

This back rest features long lasting antimicrobial treated fabric with built in protection from fungus, bacteria and odors. It will also wick away moisture for added user comfort when used for long periods at a time. The back rest foam is designed to last for 15 years.

Extended health insurance plans, motor vehicle accident coverage and workers compensation insurance all cover the InnoTech Lumbair Plus.

This product has been manufactured in Canada using environmentally friendly glue and recycled wood. Innotech offers a lifetime warranty against air valve malfunctions and a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Buy with confidence!

What are the benefits of a portable back rest like the InnoTech LumbAir Plus?

A portable back rest will help you take the pressure off your lower back. Many people have poor posture and tend to sit with the lower back pressed directly against the back of the chair. Most chairs have straight backs, so this results in a seated position with the lower spine straightened and the lower back bearing much of the weight of the upper body. This is a prime cause of the lower back pain experienced by many people.

A portable back rest like the InnoTech LumbAir Plus, when placed against the back of the chair, will take the weight off the lower back. It does this by forcing a curve in the lower spine (called lordosis) that pushes your shoulders back and your neck and spine into alignment. As a result, your lower back and hips will bear less weight when you are in a seated position.

InnoTech LumbAir Plus – Indications

  • People who regularly spend lots of time in cramped seating conditions e.g. on planes or trains.
  • Individuals whose jobs require them to remain in a seated position for long periods.
  • People confined to a wheelchair
  • Persons suffering from chronic lower back pain.


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