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Latex Free?


The Adjust A Lift Heel Lift features 3 1/8″ layers of non slip material that can be removed as needed to get the exact amount of heel base lift required. Latex free and an excellent solution to issues like leg length inequality or heel spurs.

The Adjust A Lift Heel Lift elevates the base of the heel to address leg length inequality. Leg length inequality can often be a major contributory factor to other problems like low back pain, knee pain or hip pain.

In addition to leg length inequality, heel lifts may also help address problems like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and achilles tendonitis.

The Lift is made from 3 layers of extra firm, open cell, foam rubber material, each 1/8″ high. The layers are held together with adhesive on both sides. Just peel off the number of layers to get the precise amount of lift required.

Other features of the lift include:

  • Latex free construction;
  • Durable;
  • Non Slip;
  • Top covering of suede leather to give a fashionable look that can go with any dress shoe.

Please use the size chart on this page to find the size appropriate for you.

Sizing Chart


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