Shoulder Support Top with Silicone

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The LP EmbioZ Shoulder Support Top with Silicone features a Power System that runs from the center of the trunk along the shoulders and through the upper and lower arms. It improves kinetic chain efficiency through the upper body and increases the fluency and power of throwing, striking or other similar actions. Its  Comfort System and seamless design will improve your comfort level during long bouts of training or competition. Try this support and enjoy the performance enhancements and overall comfort it will bring you. Available with both Long and Short Sleeves.

The LP EmbioZ Shoulder Support Top with Silicone features a Power System that runs along the center of your trunk, shoulders, upper arms and forearms. The Power System is core to the benefits offered by this Compression Top:

  • It improves the efficiency of the kinetic chain that starts at the torso and extends  through the shoulders and along the upper and lower arms. As a result, you will experience increased explosive power in performing activities that rely on torso rotation or similar movements. Such movements would include swinging, striking or throwing.
  • It acts on the surface of the skin, using your skin’s natural elasticity to slide and recoil against the underlying muscles to allow freshly oxygenated blood to more quickly return to those muscles. It also improves your lymphatic circulation and accelerates the removal of metabolic waste from muscles. The net result is reduced muscle fatigue and improved staying power. To understand this type of action in more detail, please refer to our post explaining how kinesiology tape works.
  • The Power System applies general compression to the upper body to reinforce the blood and lymphatic circulation benefits described above. The result is a further reduction in muscular fatigue during those long workouts.
  • It also improves the proprioception of the upper body. This means that its ability to instinctively sense and prevent unnatural movements that could cause harm will be enhanced. The result is less risk of injury even when performing complicated movements during intense physical activity.

The Comfort System of the support wicks away perspiration and ensures adequate ventilation of your body. As a result, its temperature remains in a safe range. Together, these properties increase your comfort level during prolonged and intense physical activity.

The seamless design of the LP EmbioZ Shoulder Support Top with Silicone further improves your comfort level. Despite its high compression, you will not experience marks, welts or other damage to your skin after wearing this support for extended periods.

Tip – for best results, please ensure that you position the 3D Weaved Channel under the chest.

Which Sports Would Benefit The Most From Wearing The LP EmbioZ Shoulder Support Top with Silicone?

As mentioned above, any activity that relies on throwing, striking or swinging movements using the upper body will benefit from your use of this support. Examples of these would include:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Baseball (Striker or Pitcher)
  • Discus or Javelin throwing.
  • Football (quarterback)

SM - 33 1/2" - 37 1/2" / 85 - 95 cm

MD - 36 1/4" - 40 1/4" / 92 - 102 cm

LG - 39" - 43 1/4" / 99 - 110 cm

XL - 42 1/4" - 46" / 107 - 117 cm

Wash by hand with soap or by machine using a laundry bag filled with cold water.
Water temperature should not be higher than 105℉ /40℃.
Avoid bleaching, ironing, dry cleaning or using a tumble dryer. Avoid the use of fabric softener.


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