Compression Recovery Socks, 20-30 mmHg

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Our Legend® Compression Recovery Socks use medical grade compression that increases oxygen levels and blood circulation in order to speed recovery after athletic activity or long periods of travel. Legend® Compression Recovery Socks are a must for all athletes or fitness enthusiasts.

LEGEND® Compression Recovery Socks are designed for post exercise recovery and travel. They also provide a higher level of graduated compression (20-30 mmHg) to reduce lactic acid and increase oxygen levels. In addition, they will improve blood flow and promote quicker muscle recovery.

We recommend wearing a pair of these socks after a long run or after high impact athletic activity for reduced soreness. They are an excellent choice during periods of travel after participation in team sports.

Made in the USA, LEGEND® Compression Recovery Socks carry the highest level of quality assurance. So you can rest assured that their quality will not disappoint.

Which Sports Will Benefit The Most From LEGEND® Compression Recovery Socks?

  • These recovery socks will decrease runners’ recovery time of runners by forcing the lactic acid out of your legs. They will also mitigate shin splints and calf cramps – two conditions that runners frequently experience.
  •  LEGEND® Compression Recovery Socks were designed with the triathlete in mind. Consequently, they should be an automatic choice for triathletes.
  • Cyclists will know that looking after their feet and legs is critical. As mentioned above, these socks will mitigate the shin splints and calf cramps from which many cyclists suffer. The quicker removal of lactic acid  will also speed recovery after a long workout on your bike .
  • CrossFitters will find these socks a great choice for speedy recovery between training and competition.
  • LEGEND® Compression Recovery Socks are also a great choice after a game of basketball, football, soccer and many other team sports. Team members will find that wearing them during a long bus, train or plane journey post game will improve blood circulation and reduce recovery times.

LEGEND® Compression Recovery Socks: Comfort Features

  • The socks have a seamless toe area for extra comfort
  • Construction uses quality spandex for the ultimate in stretch and comfort

These unisex socks come in sizes small, medium, large and extra large and are available in black only.

Material Construction: 9% Polyester, 80% Nylon and 11% Spandex.

Sizing Chart

Graduated Medical Compression Hosiery should not be worn and is contraindicated for the following medical conditions:

• Advanced arterial disease of the legs , i.e. ischemia
• Congestive heart failure that is not controlled
• Septic phlebitis of the leg that is not being treated

Please exercise caution in wearing compression socks if you have:

• Infections of the skin
• Immobility
• Allergy to garment fabrics
• Weeping dermatosis
• Limb Insensitivity
• Peripheral Artery Disease

Putting on your medically correct stockings/socks:

• The best time to put on your compression socks is as soon as you get out of bed. Your legs are least swollen when you wake up.
• Be careful – fingernails and jewelry can damage your hosiery. Use the pads of your fingers and the palms of your hand to put on the garment. Consider wearing rubber gloves to assist in putting on and protecting your garment.
• Cover open wounds with a sterile dressing prior to putting on the compression garment.


1. Push your hand inside the sock. Pinch the heel and pull the sock partially inside out, so that the foot part remains turned in.
2. Firmly grasping each side of the sock, stretch it over your toes, pull it up to your heel, and adjust it to fit your foot comfortably. At this point, the sock will be on your foot with the leg portion inside out.
3. You can then reach down and pull the leg portion up. Turn the sock right side out one section at a time. You should also stretch the sock and adjust it up your calf as you go.
4. Smooth the hosiery on your leg using both hands in a massaging movement. Ensure that there are no wrinkles.
6. Remove the socks before going to bed, unless your doctor advises otherwise.

Silicone Top Band Care:
Use an alcohol wipe or mild soap to remove excess lotions, hair, oils and other material for maximum grip.

Washing Instructions:
• Hand or Machine wash in warm water. A mild non-bleaching detergent may also be used.
• Machine Dry – low heat or hang dry
• Do not dry clean or iron
• Do not wring
• Do not use fabric softener


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