APB All Purpose Boot

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The Darco All Purpose Boot embodies nearly perfect four season postoperative protection with a closed-toe design that keeps dressings and toes warm and dry. This boot is designed to provide unparalleled versatility by accommodating both bulky dressings and most fiberglass casts.

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The Darco APB™ All Purpose Boot is an ideal choice for year round post operative protection, featuring a closed toe design to keep bandages,dressings and your toes warm and dry.

The All Purpose Boot now features a larger toe box area. This improvement provides unparalleled versatility with the shoe now able to accommodate bulky dressings and most sizes of fiberglass cast.

The double padded insole can be removed to accommodate a PQPegAssist™ insole if you need offloading to reduce pressure on a wound or recover from surgery.

The shoe features a zoned tread pattern on the outsole, with an aggressive pattern in the midfoot area. The reduced traction under the toes and heel means less risk of tripping from toe dragging or heel scuffing.

You can wear the Darco APB™ All Purpose Boot on either the left or right foot. Additionally, you can wear the boot on your injured foot while wearing a regular shoe on the other. It is available in sizes Extra Small to Large for women and sizes Small to Extra Large for men.

Darco APB™ All Purpose Boot – Features and Benefits

  • Rocker sole promotes wound care by reducing plantar pressure by more than 25%
  • Square-toe design that provides bumper-like protection for your toes if you are using k-wires. It also improves the shoe’s ability to fit either the left or right foot.
  • Features an ankle strap fixes your foot firmly in the shoe, thus reducing heel slippage.
  • Forefoot closure design that improves wearing security and also eliminates the pressure you would experience from a buckle.
  • Also features a unique metatarsal shank under the metatarsophalangeal (MP) joints that improves support and provides a more rigid base under your forefoot.

 Darco APB™ All Purpose Boot – Indications

  • Healing from surgical wounds;
  • Casts, Unna boots, bulky dressings in general;
  • Trauma in the foot or ankle area;
  • Wounds/ulcerations under your toes or metatarsal area.
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