Galaxy TTET300 Traction Table

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The Galaxy TTET300 traction table is designed to provide effective and efficient spinal traction treatment. For use by Healthcare Professionals only.

SKU: CH-3264108US


The 3 sectioned Hi Lo Galaxy TTET300 traction table is designed to provide effective and efficient spinal traction treatment when partnered with a high quality traction unit such as Chattanooga’s TX unit. The table uses a roller mounted to prevent friction below the patient’s hips and legs. This helps to ensure full traction force during treatment targeting the vertebrae.

However, the rolling sections can be secured in place. When this is done, you can use the TTET300 as a regular treatment table. Thus the TTET helps you make the most of the floor space in your clinic.

Galaxy TTET300 – Key Features

Key features of this versatile table are:

  • Its use of a scissor frame with four multi-directional and retractable wheels. The wheels facilitate moving the table around your clinic. Once it is in the desired location, they can be retracted to give a stable surface that you can use for either traction therapy or regular physiotherapy manual therapy treatments;
  • The table can be used with optimal comfort in both prone (face down) and supine (face up) positions. This adds to its flexibility and usefulness for both manual and traction therapy;
  • The head and back sections of this 3 section table may be positioned to as much as 82 degrees to the  horizontal (i.e. almost in a vertical position);
  • The table uses gas springs to ease repositioning of its head and back sections;
  • It also uses the Hallotronic™ + System (trademark of MEDEN-INMED)  to provide electrically powered high/low adjustment. The height can be adjusted between 19 and 39 inches from floor level;
  • Weight capacity is as high as 440 lbs, making it suitable for the heaviest of patients;
  • You can purchase the TTET300 with Chattanooga’s optional Axilia post package for extra stability in use. Please note that this must be specified at the time of placing the order.

Table Specifications

  • Dynamic Lifting Capacity 440lbs;
  • Maximum workload: 605 lbs;
  • Recommended patient weight: 205 lbs;
  • Shipping weight: 330 lbs;
  • Shipping dimensions: 86.6 ins x 33.5  ins x 31.5 ins  (L x W x H)
  •  Table weight 274 lbs.


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