Original Massage Stick 18″

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The Tiger Tail Original MassageStick 18″ is the perfect too to help your patients maintain their massage schedules at home, work or everywhere else while maintaining social distancing.


The Tiger Tail Original Massage Stick 18″ is a muscle and user friendly self massage tool that is designed to provide optimal myofascial release. The patient can quickly and easily massage any part of his or her body without having to lie on the ground. It will help relieve minor muscle knots as well as aching and soreness. The tool uses the exclusive Tiger Tail Gription technology to offer deep grip and friction on the patients muscles and fascia. You can read more about the values and goals of the Tiger Tail brand here.

This tool is designed to allow the patient to massage approximately 95% of his/her body without needing a partner. With a partner, the % rises to 100%. It’s the perfect tool to have with you at work as a stress management accessory or after a tough work out at the gym. Take it on a vacation and ensure you don’t miss out on a good massage when you need one.

This is ideal for use to keep up with your massage and stress management schedule while maintaining social distancing.

The Tiger Tail Original Massage Stick carries a US Patent #9,107,795, D773,682.

Other Advantages Of The Tiger Tail Original Massage Stick 18″

  • Firm Non bendable design that allows you to target pressure exactly where you need it;
  • Allows you to stay at home and get a great massage without having to go out in the ongoing pandemic and increase your risk of infection;
  • The 18″ length of the Tiger Tail Original Massage Stick roughly matches the shoulder width of most individuals. This makes for optimal leverage and user friendliness;
  • Easy to pack into luggage for a business or vacation trip. You can even put into the back or passenger seat of a car and take it to work;
  • Easy to clean with any anti bacterial gel or spray;
  • Does not use rubber or latex or any other products known to cause allergies;
  • The Tiger Tail Original Massage Stick comes with a hassle free, 3 year warranty.

One Size Fits Most


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