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Tiger Tail USA uses GRIPTION technology on the surface of their massage tools. This technology helps each tool deliver deep grip and friction, so that it can dig deep into your muscles and get rid of muscle knots. It creates a specially designed surface that grips the skin, muscles and fascia. It moves the tissues together and away from each other to facilitate myofascial release.

Tiger Tail has a range of tools that quickly and comfortably massage any part of the body. And you can do this without having to lie on the ground. Tiger Tail tools all have firm commercial build quality with no bending or breaking.You can use as little or as much pressure as you need to get the desired results.

These USA manufactured products have an industry leading award winning and ergonomic design. The products are all invented in house at the company’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

Tiger Tail’s mission is to educate its customers about muscle recovery, performance enhancement and injury prevention. It does this by treating muscular asymmetries, trigger points and fascia lines. Their goal is to help customers manage their Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and other problems.

Tiger Tail products are made with non porous, non deteriorating materials. There are no trapped bacteria and the products are simple to clean with just an antibacterial gel or spray. All products are rubber and latex free and come with a 3 year warranty.

Dunbar Medical is proud to present the Tiger Tail range of products to our most discerning customers.

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