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Athletic Training Room Supplies

Trainer applying athletic tape - a must have on your list of athletic training kit supplies.On this page, you will find a list of athletic training supplies to help you keep your training room supplied with the kit you need. As an athletic therapist, you will be responsible for keeping the athletes or physically active individuals  under your supervision in healthy condition and, in the event that they do become injured, your goal will be to have them return to the field as soon as possible. Whether you practice in a college, hospital or community facility setting, you will want to be sure that the athletic training kit and supplies you buy from us to fill your list are of top quality.

Dunbar Medical has been in the business of providing athletic training room supplies for more than 25 years. Our list of athletic training supplies brands includes prestigious brands like Mueller Sports Medicine, McDavid and Cramer Sports Medicine. We also distribute quality orthopedic braces made by respected companies such as Bio Skin and LP Support. When it comes to athletic tape and bandages, we can offer products from Andover, DynaPro Health and Renfrew Athletics. Our Kinesiology tape comes from Kinesio, Mueller Sports medicine and DynaPro Health. We are the official suppliers of athletic training room supplies for  professional sports teams (including Canada’s premier professional LaCrosse team) and many leading school and college teams across Canada. With this experience, we are confident that we can provide everything you have on your list of athletic training kit supplies.


Filling Your Athletic Training Supplies list

You may be looking for supplies of high tensile strength athletic tape with constant tension unwind and strong adhesive for your training room. Alternatively, you may be in search of kinesiology tape supplies for your athletic training kit. We can provide the ideal product that your patients can wear comfortably for 4-5 days and even though showers. Whatever you need, we are confident that you will find the perfect choice among the products we are presenting below.

 Suggested Items On Your Athletic Training Supplies List

We suggest the following items as a starting point for your shopping list of athletic training supplies:

Athletic tape is a must have item on the list of athletic training room supplies
Athletic tape

You may need to include additional items in your list of athletic training kit supplies, depending on the type of athletes for which you are responsible.

However, before you start to compile your list of athletic training supplies, we would like to provide some advice as you set up your training room.

What Are The Supplies Or Equipment Every Athletic Training Room Should Have?

Treatment table - a must have piece of equipment for your athletic training room
Treatment Table

In drawing up the list of athletic training equipment and supplies you will need, we suggest that you give priority to the following pieces of equipment:

  • A taping station, whether this is an individual taping seat or a multiple seat taping station;
  • An electrically powered therapy table, preferably with the capacity to comfortably raise or lower your patients to the appropriate level;
  • Whirlpool tables that provide easy access for your patients to recovery and rehabilitation help when they need it;
  • A basic treatment table made of wood or aluminium;
  • Modality carts to help you keep your athletic training kit and supplies ready to hand wherever you may be;
  • Rolling stools to allow you to sit comfortably while conducting an extended patient examination;
  • Athletic trainer kits to carry your supplies with you to the training field or other locations.

Athletic Training Room Supplies - Recommended Product Categories

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