Wholesale Physiotherapy Supplies

As a practising physiotherapist, access to high-quality physiotherapy supplies is a must for your clinic. At Dunbar Medical, we possess valuable industry expertise and are proud to serve Canadian healthcare professionals in Toronto and across Canada with the medical supplies they need to run their businesses successfully. Indeed, we regard this as the core purpose of our business.

Determining What Physiotherapy Supplies You Need

Physiotherapy covers a wide range of services and often physiotherapists will choose to specialize in a specific field of treatment. It’s important that you understand what your primary objective is within your clinic and stock your supplies accordingly. To find out what supplies you may need for your practice, we suggest you ask yourself the following questions:

What Core Services Are Or Will Your Practice Be Offering?

Take a look at the types of clients you will be assisting inside of your clinic. Some of the most common types of physiotherapy practices are sports therapy, pediatric, orthopaedic, geriatric, women’s health and more. Depending on your clientele and their most common treatments, you may need to stock a certain supply.

What Types of Injuries You Are Treating?

Depending on your clientele there is often a specific area of injury that is most common. Will your physiotherapy practice be handling only specific areas of injury or will you be dealing with a more broad spectrum of injuries and other treatments? There are many physiotherapy and medical supplies that are specifically designed for certain parts of the body that you may or may not need.

Does Your Practice Provide In Person or Virtual Healthcare?

Female surgeon preparing for the surgical operation, she is wearing medical exam gloves and looking at camera
Female surgeon preparing for the surgical operation, she is wearing gloves and looking at camera, healthcare and preparation concept

Virtual healthcare (such as Telehealth) is becoming increasingly popular among medical practices of all types. If you’re providing these services it’s important you have the technology and software infrastructure to effectively and safely provide these services. However, if you’re providing in-person services there are additional supplies for the practice you should consider stocking. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gloves, face shields, masks and more are vital supplies to have in your office.

Telehealth allows patients to use digital and other modern communication technologies (such as tablet computers and mobile phones, for example) to receive health care treatment and advice remotely. It also allows healthcare providers to consult with other virtually in order to provide better care to their patients.

If you plan to Increase your reliance on services like Telehealth, this will have significant implications for the supplies you will need to efficiently run your clinic. You will for example have less need of PPE supples and treatment tables and will instead need to invest more in electronic technologies such as an electronic patient portal and health record systems.

In addition to this, you will also need to recruit and retain staff who are familiar with these systems and able to keep them running at all times.

Is Your Practice Multi-Disciplinary?

Many practices tend to offer additional therapies including massage therapy, chiropractic services and others. If your clinic offers more than one therapy, it’s important you have the medical supplies needed for each field of practice. Luckily, many of the medical products you need for your office will overlap naturally.

At Dunbar Medical, we offer competitive rates on wholesale medical supplies to save you time and money. We can provide your practice with the business solutions it needs to grow and flourish.

What Are Your Most Significant Revenue Driving Services?

If your resources are limited, it makes sense to focus on the physiotherapy supplies that are needed for the most popular and highest revenue-generating services in your clinic. These supplies should always be in stock to ensure that you can perform these jobs whenever needed. By buying wholesale medical supplies with Dunbar, you’ll always have what you need on hand and you can ensure you’re getting great prices on quality items.

Another great way to stretch your dollar is to identify supplies that are reusable in your practice, and supplies that can be used across a variety of treatment services.

At Dunbar Medical, we have a wide range of supplies that are suitable for any and all kinds of physiotherapy clinics. We carry supplies and equipment that are central to your practice, whether these may be treatment tables, orthopedic braces or anything else. Take a look at the most popular physiotherapy supplies that you should have for your clinic below. Don’t forget to consult our FAQ page or call 1-800-265-7126 if you have any questions.

As you browse this site to make your selections, please don’t hesitate to use our Product Comparison and Quotation Request Tools. This first allows to you to more clearly understand the differences between the products offered on this site, while the second provides an opportunity for you to submit lists of potential purchases and request competitive quotations. You may also find it useful to browse our complete price list shown here.

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