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Physiotherapy Supplies - Planning

Physiotherapy SuppliesAs a practising physiotherapist, access to high quality tape and orthopedic bracing supplies for your clinic will be a priority. Dunbar Medical is able to offer you an unrivalled collection of bracing products from prestigious brands such as BioSkin, Mueller Sports Medicine, McDavid and LP Support. However, we do understand that your budget is not unlimited. We would therefore like to suggest some guidelines you can use to choose physiotherapy supplies for your clinic that will give you “the most bang for your buck”.

How To Prioritize The Physiotherapy Supplies You Need

To identify the items you should place on your shopping list, we suggest you consider the following questions.

What Core Services Is Or Will Your Practice Be Offering?

The task of making up your shopping list will be easier if you approach it with a clear idea of the types of physiotherapy services you will need to provide.

Another important factor will be the types of clients you will have. If your physiotherapy practice will be focused on sport physiotherapy, the types of injuries you will likely encounter (and the supplies you will need) will be very different than if your practice will mainly be serving seniors, for example.

The types of injuries you will be treating in your practice & How This Influences The Physiotherapy Supplies You Will Need

If you are focusing on athletes from a particular sport, these injuries will likely fall into specific categories that are characteristic of that sport. Your physiotherapy supplies list will then reflect the items needed to treat those types of injuries. If, on the other hand, you will be serving members of the general public, you should think about the demographics of the surrounding community. What are the predominant age groups and the male/female ratio? This will inform the types of health care challengesyou will likely face, and the physiotherapy supplies you will then need.

Does your practice provide health care service in person or remotely (using Telehealth services, for example)?

The Greater Your Reliance On In Person Services, The Greater Will Be Your Need For PPE Like Face Shields To Be Included In Your Physiotherapy Supplies List.
Face Shield

The more services that you provide in person, the greater will be your need for PPE supplies like medical face masks, respirator masks, face shields and similar items. If you do use Telehealth services, you will need to think about supplies of computer equipment and software that you will need to use those services.

Is Your Practice A Multi Discplinary One Or Is It Focused Solely On Physiotherapy Services?

Your clinic may actually be a multi disciplinary practice, with physiotherapy being only one of the types of therapy on offer. If you will also be  offering massage therapy in addition to physiotherapy, for example, this will clearly influence the supplies you will need for your clinic.

What Do You Expect To Be The Most Productive Services That Your Clinic Will Provide, And What Physiotherapy Supplies Will Those Services Require?

If your resources are limited, it makes sense to focus on the physiotherapy supplies that are most likely to generate sufficient revenue to pay for themselves. These are the supplies that should therefore be at the top of your physiotherapy supplies list.
We would also suggest that you try to identify the supplies that are reusable or that can be used in multiple types of procedure. The more potential applications to which you can apply any supplies, the greater will be their contribution to your clinic’s revenue.

Physiotherapy Supplies - Recommended Product Categories

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