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100 ft

Latex Free?


Theraband Resistance Tubing is an excellent accessory for toning and strengthening both upper and lower body muscles and reversing muscle atrophy after an injury.

  • Will also help increase range of motion and improve overall conditioning and flexibility;
  • Simple to use and extremely portable. Easily fits into a suitcase or large briefcase;
  • Versatile enough for use at home, at work, in the clinic or at the gym;
  • Color coded tubing that makes it easy to identify the resistance level needed without the risk of choosing the wrong level;
  • Color coding also helps you track your progress as your strength and overall fitness improve.

*Suggested for:

Theraband tubing comes in 7 colour coded levels of resistance. Each level is determined by tubing thickness. Please consult the Progression system image in the product gallery for more information on the Theraband Progessive resistance levels.

The tubing can be used for both muscle elongation and contraction and will help improve not just strength but also flexibility and range of motion. They are perfect f you don’t have the time to visit a gym and need a cost effective way to exercise at home or at work.

In addition, the tubing can be used with several accessories to enhance their versatility and overall usefulness.

Premium construction will assure you of years of service from your investment. Tubing resistance will remain consistent over time and provide reliable stretch response.



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