Low Powder Exercise Tubing Rolls

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High quality Low Powder Exercise Tubing Rolls that are easily portable to work, the cottage or on vacation.Progressive colour coding using distinctive and attractive colours.

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These Val-u-Tubing™ Low Powder Exercise Tubing Rolls are colour coded to allow the user to progressively adjust the intensity of exercise and receive positive feedback for her efforts. The portable bands are great for taking resistance exercise on the road with you. They readily fit in a briefcase or small bag, allowing you to take them to the office, the cottage or even on annual vacations.

Although Low Powder Val-u-Tubing™ is economically priced, it offers superior value for money compared to many other latex exercise tubing products. It also offers  the same excellent quality as the CanDo® latex exercise tubing product. They can be ourchased in dispenser boxes that can accommodate 100 foot lengths.

Colour coded resistance levels range (going from least to greatest resistance level) as follows:

  • Pear (0);
  • Peach (1);
  • Orange (2);
  • Lime (3);
  • Blueberry (4);
  • Plum (5);
  • Mushroom (6);
  • Pineapple (7).

These distinctive colours will help you avoid choosing the wrong resistance level for your workout.



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