Percale Pillowcases

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Medline re-usable pillowcases are made from a cotton/polyester blend of fabric and are 34″ long.  Sold in packages of 12.

SKU: 320-MDTPC4P34

Medline Percale Pillowcases are made from a combination of 55% premium  cotton/45% polyester blend. The result is a pillowcase with superior softness and comfort. They are peroxide bleached to give them a whiter colour as well as a softer feel. They are also durable and wrinkle resistant and have a clean, crisp appearance.

Medline Percale Pillowcases are white, 34″ long and 42″ wide. They are also latex free, ensuring freedom from latex allergy reactions even for those with latex sensitive skin. They are 12 per pack.


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