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Disposable Pillow Cases – Case of 100

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Case of 100

Disposable pillow cases are invaluable in infection control and help to prolong pillow life by protecting the pillow from stains and spills.

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These white disposable pillow cases that are ideally suited for patient comfort. They are lighter than regular pillow cases and are valuable tools in infection control. They will also help to ensure longer pillow life by protecting them from spills and stains. These properties make them an invaluable accessory in many healthcare settings and clinics.

The advantages of these pillow cases include:

  • They are designed to prevent fluid transfer to the pillow and are spill-resistant and fluid resistant.
  • They improve patient comfort;
  • They help in absorbing moisture from the patient’s skin.
  • They are single use and disposable. As a result, they dispense with the hassles of caring and laundering.

Disposable Pillow Cases – Applications

These pillows are ideal for use in:

  • Emergency rooms of hospitals;
  • Physiotherapy or Chiropractic clinics
  • Ambulances;
  • Physicians’ offices;

Sold as a case of 100 pillow cases.


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