Sterile 3 Compartment Dressing Tray w/Forceps

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3 Compartment Sterile Dressing Tray. Includes metal & plastic forceps, field towel, absorbent towel, cotton balls, non woven gauze sponges and waste bag for convenient disposal.

SKU: 211-D101108

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This is a 3 compartment sterile dressing tray with all the accessories needed for dressing and treating wounds. Contents are:

  • One Plastic Transfer Forcep;
  • 2 Metal Forceps;
  • 1 CSR (Central Sterile Room) Sterile Field Towel;
  • 1 Absorbent Towel;
  • 6 Cotton Balls;
  • 6 Non Woven Gauze Sponges (3″ x 3″ each)
  • 1 Waste Bag & Tie.

A wound dressing tray saves clinicians the time they would otherwise spend gathering materials to treat patients. They can therefore spend more time on patient care, with better treatment outcomes and the ability to treat more patients in a given period.

Sold by the tray.


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