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The It’s You Babe Hip Brace gives compression to the pelvic cradle and sacroiliac (or SI Joints). Has been used to reduce pain and swelling during recovery after hysterectomy.

The It’s You Babe Hip Brace is a hip support belt that compresses the pelvic cradle and sacroiliac (SI) joints.

If you have experienced hip separation (possibly during childbirth), this hip brace will help to control the symptoms of the condition. Hip (or pubic bone) separation occurs when the ligaments that hold the pubic bones together become excessively loosened. The result is pain in the pubic area as well as in the back and legs. In some cases, you may also experience difficulty walking, running,exercising or performing many routine daily activities.

The It’s You Babe Hip Brace, by compressing the pelvic area, counteracts the loose ligaments that are the core of the problem.The result is less pain and an improvement in the ability to walk or run.

This brace can also be useful in countering the causes of hip instability. This is characterized by a tendency for your hip to too easily slide partially out of its socket (hip subluxation) or fully out of the socket (hip dislocation). The hip brace provides compression to the area that will help to counteract this problem.

If you are experiencing post operative swelling following a procedure such as abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, the compression from this brace will be helpful. Compression will aid blood flow through the region as well as the removal of waste materials that are contributing to the pain and swelling.

If you are experiencing pelvic pain due to excessive movement of your sacroiliac joint, you should also consider using this brace. It can function as a trochanter belt that will help to stabilize your pelvis and reduce excessive movement of the joint, thus reducing the pain.

It’s You Babe Hip Brace – Conditions and Indications

  • Hip or pubic bone separation
  • Hip pain and instability
  • Functions to reduce post operative swelling following abdominoplasty, tummy tuck or Pfannenstiel incision

Petite - hip measurement - 24" - 32"
Small - hip measurement - 32" - 40"
Medium - hip measurement - 40" - 48"
Large - hip measurement - 48" - 56"


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