2 Section Flexion Stool

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This 2 section Flexion Stool from Chattanooga is a valuable accessory in traction therapy and is designed to permit placement of your patient’s spine in a neutral or flexed position with added comfort. This facilitates more effective traction therapy. Height is adjustable.


This is a 2 section Flexion stool that permits your patient to place his/her spine in a neutral or flexed position with no loss of comfort. This is useful when performing traction therapy.

2 section Flexion Stool vs. 1 section Flexion Stool

A  2 section flexion stool and a one-section flexion stool serve similar purposes in physical therapy, primarily focusing on facilitating controlled flexion exercises for the spine. However, the key difference between the two lies in their design and adjustability. Here’s what makes a two-section flexion stool more effective than a one-section flexion stool in certain situations:

  1. Adjustability: The primary advantage of a  2section flexion stool is its adjustability. It typically consists of two sections or parts that can be independently adjusted. This allows for a greater range of motion customization and accommodates patients with varying flexibility and comfort levels. In contrast, a one-section stool offers limited adjustability, often providing a fixed angle or position, which may not suit all patients.
  2. Progressive Flexion: A  2 section flexion stool can be used to gradually increase the depth of flexion exercises. As a patient’s flexibility and comfort improve, therapists can adjust the stool to provide a more pronounced forward bend, allowing for progressive stretching and mobilization of the spine. This is particularly beneficial for patients in the later stages of rehabilitation who require more challenging exercises.
  3. Targeted Therapy: The two-section design allows for targeted therapy. Physical therapists can focus on specific segments of the spine, such as the lumbar or thoracic region, by adjusting the stool’s angles accordingly. This enables therapists to tailor treatment plans to address a patient’s individual needs and the location of the spine that requires attention.
  4. Individualized Treatment Plans: With the flexibility to adjust both sections of the stool independently, therapists can create highly individualized treatment plans for each patient. This level of customization ensures that patients receive exercises that are appropriate for their condition, promoting better outcomes.
  5. Improved Patient Comfort: The adjustability of a two-section stool contributes to improved patient comfort. Patients can start with a gentle, less pronounced flexion angle and gradually progress as they become more comfortable and confident in their ability to perform the exercises. This enhanced comfort can lead to better compliance with the therapy program.
  6. Measurement and Progress Tracking: Physical therapists can use the two-section stool to track a patient’s progress over time. By adjusting the stool’s angles and documenting improvements in spine flexibility and range of motion, therapists can make data-driven decisions and modify treatment plans accordingly.
  7. Rehabilitation After Surgery: For patients recovering from spinal surgeries or injuries, a  2 section flexion stool can be particularly effective. It allows for a more gradual and controlled approach to rehabilitation, which is essential in the early stages of recovery when patients need to rebuild strength and mobility safely.
  8. Versatility: While one-section flexion stools have their place in therapy, a two-section stool offers greater versatility. It can be used for a wider range of exercises and rehabilitation protocols due to its adjustable nature, making it suitable for a broader spectrum of patients and conditions.

In summary, a  2 section flexion stool’s adjustability and flexibility in tailoring exercises to individual needs and progress make it more effective in certain situations compared to a one-section stool. While both types of stools have their place in physical therapy, the two-section design allows for a more comprehensive and targeted approach to spine flexion exercises, enhancing the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs.



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