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Four Benefits Of Using An Ankle Brace For Sprains

If you’ve had the misfortune of experiencing an ankle sprain, you know that it can wreak havoc on your body and quality of life. It is extremely important to pay special attention to properly recovering from a sprain, consult a medical expert and be diligent in your recovery program. We have divided the recovery process into four stages to help you recover quicker and more effectively while providing tips on recovery methods such as using an ankle brace for sprains and physiotherapy techniques.

An Ankle Brace Can Help Reduce Swelling

What This Does

Reducing swelling eliminates pressure on the foot and ankle to avoiding further damage and relieves pain in the short term. It will also help determine the severity of the sprain.

How To Do It

Using rest, ice, compression and elevating the ankle will help relieve swelling within the first 24 to 48 hours. Crutches, a supportive ankle brace for sprains and compression wraps will also help reduce the load on the injured ankle.

How Long It Takes

This depends on the severity of the injury. Swelling will recede within 2-4 days for a grade 1 sprain and within 1-2 weeks for a grade 2 sprain. Swelling in a grade 3 sprain will last 2-3 weeks. These timelines may be shortened by using a walking boot, cast or advanced orthopaedic ankle brace for sprains, which all immobilize the ligament and joint.

An Ankle Brace Can Help to Regain Range of Motion

What This Does

Increasing range of motion in a sprained ankle helps avoid the buildup of scar-tissue. Preventing scar tissue reduced pain and decreases the likelihood of developing lingering problems and recurring injuries.

How To Do It

Ankle exercises prescribed by a medical professional, such as movements with resistance bands and balls, will increase flexibility and strength in the ankle. A flexible ankle brace for sprains provides increased range of movement, reduces the risk of overuse and provides support for the weak ligaments and joint.

How Long It Takes

The length of step two depends on the severity of the injury and can take between two weeks and several months. This ensures a gradual increase in the range of motion of the injured ankle and makes certain that scar tissue is held at bay.

An Ankle Support Can Assist In The Return To Activity

What This Does

Gradually increasing the weight, distance and speed placed on the recovering ankle allows a sustainable return to health. Practicing sport-like movements in a controlled environment helps build balance and stability with minimal risk. This reduces the risk of chronic ankle pain, instability and arthritis.

How To Do It

Complete exercises or workouts similar to your pre-injury routine, modifying each to reduce stress on the sprained ankle. Go slowly, do fewer reps, use lighter weights and change challenging exercises. Slowly increase reps, weight and difficulty and only after mastering each step. Use an ankle brace for sprains to protect the ankle throughout this step.

How Long It Takes

The time period for this step depends on the severity of the injury, the length of time before returning to activity and your general health. It is crucial to develop strength and to be sure of each modified exercise/workout before progressing. This will help ensure the injury does not recur.

An Ankle Brace For Sprains Can Maintain Health and Prevent Reinjury

What This Does

Taking measures to protect the previously sprained ankle is essential to the recovery process. The effects of an ankle sprain can linger, ligaments can remain weak and a second injury may take longer to heal while increasing the chances of chronic pain.

How To Do It

Strengthen the ankle and surrounding structures with frequent stretching and strength training while protecting the ankle with an orthopaedic ankle brace for sprains. Ankle supports are especially helpful for athletes in sports requiring a lot of running, jumping and lateral movement, such as tennis, running, basketball and volleyball.

How Long It Takes

This step may extend a lifetime. Those who have suffered an ankle sprain must be diligent whenever they set foot in the gym or on the court, ice, field, etc. It is always easier to prevent an ankle injury than to recover from one.

In this post, we have discussed the benefits of using an ankle brace to recover from a sprain once it has occurred. For guidance on the types of ankle brace that can be worn by different types of athlete to proactively prevent injury,  we suggest our post on the benefits of ankle braces for athletes.

An ankle brace for sprains can be effective in reducing the risk of injury while playing tennis
Using an ankle brace to play sports like tennis can be a great way to reduce the risk of injury or re-injury


2 thoughts on “Four Benefits Of Using An Ankle Brace For Sprains”

  1. I’m glad you talked about how ankle braces reduce swelling for a couple of weeks. My son sprained his ankle yesterday while playing soccer for his high school and we’re worried about how long he’ll be out. We’ll take him to an orthopedic center to help his recovery process.

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