Eye Pads

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Product Attributes
Product Dimensions

1.625″ x 2.625″

Sterile/Non Sterile?


Latex Free?


Priced Per

Box of 50 pads

Ideal to protect the eye from coming in contact with debris after surgery or to protect an eye wound.  Low linting, sterile and highly absorbent.  Sold in 50 pads/box

SKU: DM-21600


Medline eye pads are low linting and highly absorbent. Sterile &  latex free. Single use only.

Sold and priced by the box of 50 pads.

Medline Eye Pads – Precautions

When using these eye pads to after an injury or receiving eye surgery, remember to:

  • Ensure that you do not put pressure on the eye area;
  • Ensure that the pad does not adhere to the patient’s eyelashes or any other areas on or near  the eye;
  • Protect the wound from infection.



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