Intelect TranSport Ultrasound

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The Intelect® TranSport Ultrasound comes with 1 and 3.3 MHz frequencies. It has 10 storable user defined configurations, making it suitable for user protocols, and features both pulsed and continuous modes of operation (10%, 20%, 50% and 100%).

SKU: CH-2782


The Intelect® TranSport Ultrasound unit comes with 1 and 3.3 MHz frequencies. Health care professionals can use this unit for medical imaging of muscles, tendons, joints, blood vessels and internal organs. They will typically use this technology to understand the cause of a disease or injury, or to exclude possible causes.

There are many advantages of this medical imaging technology, including:

  • Portability – you can carry the unit around easily. Particularly in the case of a bedridden patient, this is much more convenient than trying to take the patient to the unit;
  • It produces images in real time, rather than after an lengthy and expensive period of analysis;
  • Generally, its cost is much lower than that of other medical imaging technologies;
  • It does not use a potentially harmful type of radiation (unlike X Ray technology, for example).

The Intelect® TranSport Ultrasound is operable in both pulsed and continuous modes (10%, 20%, 50% and 100%).

A 5 cm² Sound Head Applicator comes with the unit and optional  1 cm², 2 cm² and 10 cm² Applicators are also available. The watertight Sound Heads are suitable for use in underwater therapy. The Sound Head Applicators all have an Electronic Signature™ residing on the transducers, making them interchangeable. They also come with a head warming feature.

Intelect® Transport Ultrasound Soundheads
Intelect® Transport Ultrasound Soundheads

The unit is designed for wall mount, table top, mobile or therapy cart use and can be powered by 110V or batteries.

You can integrate the unit with an optional Therapy Cart to provide room to store clinical supplies. It comes with a 2 year warranty and has 10 user defined configurations that you can store in its memory for use in user protocols.

Intelect® Transport Ultrasound – Technical Specifications

  • Mains power: 100-240 VAC ~50/60 Hz, 1.0 A
  • Weight: 5 lb (2.3 kg)
  • Shipping weight: 9 lb (4 kg)
  • Dimensions: 12.9″L x 11.3″W x 6.4″H (32.8 cm x 28.8 cm x 16.3 cm)
  • Electrical Safety Class: Class 1, Type B
  • Safety Tests: UL/IEC/EN 60601-1
  • IEC/EN 60601-1-2, IEC 60601-2-5




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