Portable Laser – 450 mW

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The MedX Portable Laser is suitable for treating many painful soft tissue injuries and comes with user friendly controls, a safety key feature and a reachargeable battery.



The MedX Portable Laser is ideal for taking your therapy “on the road” or providing laser therapy at any location within your clinic. It offers several attractive features as detailed below:

  • Lightweight ergonomical design
  • User friendly settings and controls that allow you to have full control of the dosage;
  • Class 3B laser;
  • Three InfraRed Diodes totalling 450mW output power
  • 808 nm wavelength
  • Single visible laser diode as guide light;
  • Internal rechargeable battery with a 2 hour continuous treatment life;
  • Safety Key that stops operation when removed;
  • LED indicator
  • Audible tone at treatment start, finish and at intervals during the treatment
  • Health Canada approved;
  • Made in Canada;
  • Limited 3 year warranty.


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