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TENA Night Super Pads use a 2 piece design and are a great choice for protection from moderate to heavy incontinence. They are very compatible with TENA Comfort Pants, with which they will provide a discrete fit contoured to the shape of the body. Key features include Dry-Fast core technology, a light and airy 2 piece pad and pant system and a high level of comfort and security against leakage.

SKU: DM-62718


TENA Night Super Pads are designed to provide protection from moderate to heavy bowel and bladder incontinence. Designed for night use, these pads offer the following features:

  • Dry-Fast Core technology – a system of dual core and super absorbent polymers that will pull urine away from the skin into the pad. the result is skin dryness and greater patient comfort;
  • Pad design that is open on the side and leaves a large amount of skin surface exposed to the air, further keeping the patient cool and dry;
  • Contoured core;
  • Visual wetness indicator on the back;
  • Colour coded absorbency that help carers quickly choose the correct product for a given situation with less risk of error;
  • Backsheet with a soft, non woven construction;
  • Oval shaped elastics that help to further improve comfort and leakage protection..

TENA Night Super Pads have a 2 piece design and are suitable for either men or women. There are 24 pads to a bag.


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