Over Door Exercise Bar & Tubing

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Over Door Exercise Bar & Tubing that allows you to perform interesting and varied workouts right in the comfort of your own home.

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CanDo® Over Door Exercise Bar & Tubing allow for effective exercises in either standing or seated positions. This flexibility allows you to regularly adjust the types of exercise you perform, making for more interesting workouts. With it, for example, you can adjust your routine to hit both superficial muscles (near the skin) and the deeper lying ones.

The bar in this set can be used both isometrically and dynamically, providing another dimension along which you can vary your daily workouts.

The foam padded exercise bar uses X-light resistance, yellow, CanDo® exercise tubing at both ends. Tubing is then attached to the included swivel-pulley system.

To use the pulley, you can attach it to the top of any door in your home. Alternatively, use it in a side door jamb by merely closing the door on its included door anchor. Just close the door cand you have created an instant exercise station right in the comfort of your home. Choose you favourite room at home for your workout to make it even more interesting!


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