SoftGrip Hand Weights

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SoftGrip® hand weights are easier to grasp as well as being more comfortable and less intimidating than regular dumbbells.

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CanDo® SoftGrip® hand weights are a comfort oriented alternative to using dumbbells for strength training and/or rehabilitation.

These weights were originally the brainchild of a patient undergoing physical therapy, who could not properly grasp the 2 pound dumbbell prescribed to her due to the size of her hand. She conceived SoftGrip weights as being better suited to conform to her grasp as well as being more comfortable, and  less intimidating.

In addition to being easier to grip, SoftGrip® hand weights are an excellent choice doing light workouts or for arthritic patients.

The weights are progressively colour-coded to indicate weight. They are also equipped with a grommet hole for easy storage on hooks when floor space is at a premium.

Can be purchased either individually or in pairs.


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