Digi Flex Hand Exerciser

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The Digi Flex hand Exerciser has colour coded resistance levels and can be used to independently exercise each finger for improved strength and co-ordination. Comes with an exercise manual.


The CanDo® Digi Flex Hand Exerciser can be used for hand and finger exercises that develop and improve isolated finger strength as well as finger flexibility and coordination. It can also be used  to improve hand and forearm strength.It comes with a manual explaining several hand and finger exercises.

Use each button of the Digi Flex  independently to exercise weak or injured fingers . Alternatively, just compress the entire unit for general hand and forearm strengthening.

Like the Digi Extend, the Digi Flex also helps the patient develop isolated finger flexibility, strength and coordination. It is important to be able to isolate each finger and work on it as stronger fingers cannot compensate for weaker or injured ones.

The Digi Flex Hand Exerciser has progressive colour-coded resistance levels that give important patient positive feedback.


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