Digi Extend Hand Exerciser

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Digi Extend is an innovative hand and finger extension exercise product with four colour coded resistance levels and the ability to target each finger and joint for independent rehabilitation work.

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The CanDo® Digi Extend® Hand Exerciser is a unique and innovative therapy device. One of its distinctive features is its ability to isolate the extension of all five fingers and of each individual finger joint.

This finger  exerciser product has a compact design and is both easy and comfortable to use. Its precision targeting of finger joints makes it effective in helping patients reach their rehab goals.

The exerciser comes in four color-coded band resistance levels. This allows patients to work each finger and joint at a comfortable level and build intensity as their strength increases.

Also available for  purchase  are storage and display stand that can hold up to 5 Digi Extend hand exercisers.

Digi Extend strengthens both intrinsic and extrinsic muscle groups. As a result it maximizes extensor tendon gliding, joint motion, coordination, and muscle function in both hand and forearm.

The product focuses on the extensor mechanisms of one or all fingers and precisely targets the area of the hand requiring rehabilitation.  Your patients can easily adjust its  resistance levels as well as  hand positions for specific exercises. By doing so, they will help to maximize the effectiveness of their exercise to prevent and rehabilitate from injuries such as trigger finger.

In addition to the above uses,  Digi Extend can also be used for finger adduction, abduction, blocking, and flexion exercises.

This Hand Exerciser is an upgrade  from the devices presently available for finger extensor strengthening and conditioning.


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