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Body Sport foam rollers are valuable accessories in both stretching and rehabilitation exercise routines. Available in both full and half round shapes as well as medium and firm foam densities.

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A Body Sport Foam Roller is a useful accessory for a wide range of strengthening and rehabilitation exercises. These rollers come in black and white colours and in both full and half round shapes.

Body Sport foam rollers can function as balance boards and also are useful for ankle and knee stretching and rehabilitation. Depending on the design of the specific roller, it can be used for improving balance or developing postural neural and muscular flexibility. Foam rollers are also valuable tools for stabilizing the spine and increasing dynamic strength. Foam rollers are also useful for helping to alleviate aching muscles due to Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness after a workout.

Body Sport Foam Rollers can also be purchased in latex free form. a latex free foam roller can be used by patients with sensitive skin with no risk of latex related adverse reactions.

Body Sport Foam Rollers – High vs. Medium Foam Density

These foam rollers can be purchased in both high and medium foam density levels.

Use a high density foam roller for gentle stretching, trigger point therapy and spine/joint self mobilization.

Use a medium density roller for its versatility in helping the patient accomplish a wide variety of stretching, rehab and exercise routines.



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