Accordion Mat – Add-a-mat – 2″ PU Foam with Cover

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The CanDo® Accordion Mat – Add-a-mat™ – 2″ PU Foam with Cover features Velcro ends that allow for safe attachment to other mats in order to cover a larger floor space. The use of 2″ PU foam makes for a softer more yielding mat surface.


The CanDo® Accordion Mat – Add-a-mat™ – 2″ PU Foam with Cover features velcro ends that allow it to safely be connected to other accordion mats and “expand” cover a large floor surface.

Like the other Accordion mats, this product is durable enough for many different settings including schools, gyms and clinics. The accordion style fold mats can be folded every 2 feet to occupy minimal storage space when not being used.

The Add A Mat has a 2″ thick poly-urethane foam inside sewn into by an 18 oz. tough fire-retardant phthalate-free PVC coated vinyl. The vinyl coated nylon cover in which the foam inside is sealed is strong, mildew resistant, anti-bacterial and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The square side walls of the mat are reinforced at its stress points for extra durability.

The choice of 2″ thick Poly-urethane for this design gives the Add A Mat a softer feel that is useful when cushioning is key.

Sold in various sizes and colors.


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