OmniForce Adjustable Knee Stabilizer AKS-500

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XX-Large/XXX-Large, Large/XLarge, Small/Medium

The Mueller OmniForce Knee Stabilizer AKS-500 aims to alleviate moderate knee pain and instability and features 3 coiled alloy stays and  soft, comfortable and breathable fabric to provide superior moisture management. Replaces the MU4540 and MU230 knee supports.

The Mueller OmniForce Knee Stabilizer AKS-500 will help provide support for weak, injured or arthritic joints. It will also help to prevent medial-lateral knee movement. The AKS-500 features 3 coiled alloy stays and is made of  soft, comfortable and breathable fabric that provides superior moisture management. 360° straps with enhanced nubuck fastening tabs help keep the Adjustable Knee Stabilizer AKS-500 securely in the correct position. The straps are low profile to facilitate wearing the brace under regular clothing with minimal inconvenience.

The AKS-500 is constructed from a neoprene blend that will provide optimal compression as well as soothing and therapeutical warmth. It is also latex free, which eliminates the risk of latex related medical reactions. This is true even for those with a history of latex sensitivity.

As with other Knee Stabilizers like the Hg80 Premium Knee Stabilizer, this knee brace is a good choice for moderate non specific knee injuries and pain, as well as mild knee instability. If you are recovering from a previous knee injury, the AKS-500 can help you to continue your regular activities with lower risk of re-injury.

The Mueller OmniForce Knee Stabilizer AKS-500 is available in three sizes – Small/Medium, Large/X-Large and XX-Large/XXX-Large.

Please consult the sizing information under the size tab on this page to determine your correct size.

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