Gel Max Flavor Fusion Mouthguard

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Adult, Youth

The Shock Doctor Gel Max Flavor Fusion Mouthguard combines the dental protection of the traditional Shock Doctor triple layered design with Flavor Fusion technology to offer protection for the user’s teeth, tongue & gums together with a range of popular flavors.

The Shock Doctor Gel Max Flavor Fusion Mouthguard delivers essential protection for the user’s mouth, tongue and teeth. It uses a convertible tether that allows use either strapped or strapless. Like the Shock Doctor Gel Max mouthguard, this is a triple layered mouthguard for use by both adults and youths.

Flavor fusion technology combines popular flavors with the protection for your teeth, gums and tongue delivered by Shock Doctor mouthguards. A mouthguard is a great investment for sports like basketball, baseball, hockey or other contact sports. The damage from a stray elbow or flying puck can cost thousands of dollars in dental treatment costs. It is wise to proactively avoiding this risk by investing a small fraction of this cost in a Gel Max Flavor Fusion Mouthguard.

Wearing a mouthguard can also bring other benefits. Some studies indicate that wearing a mouthguard can reduce the risk of traumatic brain injuries such as concussion. Mouthguards absorb some of the shock from a direct blow to the jaw, hence reducing the amount of shock traveling to the brain.

The Shock Doctor Gel Max Flavor Fusion Mouthguard is available in flavors Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, BubbleGum, Lemon Lime & Cherry, and in sizes Adult and Youth.

For maximum protection, it is important to fit your mouthguard properly. For guidance in doing so, please watch this video.


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