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The Hex Leg Sleeves from McDavid will help protect your knees and shins from scrapes, abrasions and soft tissue injuries. The compression of the sleeves will also optimize blood flow through the legs, keeping them fresh throughout a long game or training session. The blood flow will also help to promote faster recovery from injury if and when this becomes necessary. Sold as a pair.


McDavid’s Hex Leg Sleeves provide padding for the knees as well as compression for the thighs and calves. You will therefore benefit from two types of protection – knee scrapes, abrasions and other skin damage and ligament/muscle damage to the surrounding areas. The protection they provide will come in useful to athletes in a range of contact sports including basketball, volleyball and football. That’s why they are the knee pad of choice for many high school, collegiate and professional athletes.

Other innovative features of these sleeves are:

  • HDC management that keeps them cool and dry and enhances wearing comfort even in the muggiest of conditions;
  • Uniquely designed hex pads that enhance knee and shin protection from injury. Hex technology utilizes a closed cell foam design that is bonded to the moisture wicking HDC material to take protection and wearing comfort to an entirely new level.

The Hex leg Sleeves are fully machine washable and dryable, making them usable for treating and preventing injuries over many seasons.

Available in Adult sizes small, medium and large as well as a youth size. The sleeves have a unisex design  and so can be worn by either men or women.

Sold as a pair.

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