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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large, XX-Large

Choose the Mueller Sports Medicine Athletic Supporter for the ultimate in protection and comfort while you enjoy your favorite sport.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Athletic Supporter features a breathable, moisture managed support pouch, a 1.75 inch comfort oriented waist band and wide leg bands for maximum mobility. You can use the Athletic Supporter with the Mueller® Flexshield® Protective up for additional protection. Just insert the cup into the fitted pouch and away you go.

The Mueller Athletic Supporter works by lifting and holding the male genitalia close to the body and out of harm’s way. In this way, it functions very similarly to compression shorts. You can put int on and wear it just as you would regular underwear. Just be sure that the front pouch is covering your genitalia. You can wear  shorts or any other athletic clothing you like over the athletic supporter.

The Mueller Athletic Supporter has Aegis Microbe Shield protection. This controls odors, unsightly stains and product deterioration that may result from the presence of bacteria and micro-organisms.

Available in white and in sizes small, medium, large, X-large and 2X-Large. Please consult the chart on the sizing tab of this page to determine your appropriate size.

If you have sensitive skin, you will be pleased to learn that the Mueller Arm Sling is not made with Natural Rubber Latex.

Sizing Chart

Hand wash cold with mild detergent. Line dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron. DO NOT dry Clean.

If rash develops or pain persists, discontinue use and consult a physician.


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