Magic Grip Spray

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Try the Mueller Sports Medicine Magic Grip Spray to get an extra grip on your bat, cub or racquet and take your game to the next level.

SKU: MU130201


The Mueller Sports Medicine Magic Grip Spray repels sweat and moisture to improve your grip on your bat, racquet, club or other instrument. It prevents twisting and slippage, thus helping you to maximize your performance. The spray washes off with soap and water and does not leave a sticky or tacky residue. It is non toxic and bio-degradeable and is approved for use by all major governing sports organizations. It is legal for use in high school play and in NCAA competition.

To use Mueller Sports Medicine Magic Grip Spray, just hold it 8 inches from hands or gloves and spray.

3 oz (85g) aerosol spray.


Hold 8 inches from hand or glove and spray. Rub hands together lightly and allow to dry to a powdery film. Repeat as needed.


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