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Pack of 36 strips

Mueller no glare strips come 36 in a pack and offer both performance and convenience advantages over the more traditional no glare sticks and paste. Perfect for minimizing interference from sun and bright lights when competing or training. With improved vision comes both enhanced player performance and safety. Available in original, premium and stealth performance levels.


Mueller no glare strips will help reduce the impact of “eye glare” from sun and bright lights on athlete performance. Athletes in sports like baseball, lacrosse, soccer and cricket can benefit from the use of these strips.

These strips are pressure sensitive for ease of application and are worn over the nose. Compared to sticks or paste, they are more effective and are easily removed, leaving no unsightly marks on the skin. Another advantage is the absence of smearing and resistance to perspiration – 2 factors that affect the usefulness of no glare sticks or paste when used in hot and sweaty conditions.

Team uniforms and towels will also stay clean and won’t be affected by smear marks from these strips.

Mueller claims that the original no glare strips are almost twice as effective in light reduction as the traditional no glare sticks. Premium no glare strips offer additional coverage around the nose and are, they say, almost 8 times as effective as sticks.

You can also buy stealth no glare sticks, which will use an advanced glare reduction technology. They are designed to both absorb light that would otherwise reach the player’s eyes while the remaining light is blasted at a steep angle away from the player’s eyes.  These innovative strips will absorb up to 86% more light than the strips sold by other brands.

Mueller No Glare Strips – Application Instructions

No glare strips are easy to use and remove. Please see instructions below:

  1. Dry the skin in the intended application area (under the eyes and the bridge of the nose);
  2. Remove the backing from the no glare strip;
  3. Apply the strip to the bridge of the nose and pull outward to position the ends just under each eye;
  4. Apply gentle pressure to ensure the strip is securely fixed to the nose;
  5. When it’s time to remove the strip, just peel it back over itself. This will help to reduce tugging on the skin and lessen the risk of skin damage.

Mueller no glare strips are sold as a pack of 36. Available in original, premium and stealth performance levels. According to Mueller, regular strips are almost twice as effective as paste while the premium strips are almost eight times as effective. With stealth strips, the player experiences just 1/7th of the light experienced from wearing competing strips.



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